Next Insight

One of the most interesting partnerships we have at Code Elves is the one with Next Insight, which is a multi-disciplinary data services organization with expertise in three key areas:

  • - Data and analytic services including application of AI
  • - Application of psychology insights to data analysis
  • - Automation and custom application development based on psychology insights

Together with Next Insight, Code Elves have created a couple of fantastic products that are fully based on the analysis of human psychology.

Expert opinion

"Historically, we’ve analyzed behavior to attempt to understand customers (e.g. actions-based collaborative filtering). While this approach still yields good results, it doesn't answer the question “why?”. Nor does it necessarily help predict the next action.

Understanding an individual’s traits and values, hoverer, yields much more powerful insights for predicting behaviour. We now “know” the individual. This approach changes the way in which we can target customers, predict product preferences, and enhance customer experience."

Matt Brudzynski, Founder at Next Insight

Persy Cluster

One of the primary focuses of Next Insight is Product Recommendations. Next Insight have found that by leveraging consumer insights and deriving recommendations from psychology driven analysis, they can make very accurate predictions on product preference. Having such knowledge, we’ve built a service that recommends users movies and books based on previously consumed content. The best part about this service is that it’s constantly “learning” and adjusts recommendations based on insights from all users in the system.


Another interesting product we’re currently working with Next Insight on is an iOS application Persy. This application is going to be completely magical. The main feature of the app is that it can figure out the type of user’s personality based on a short survey. Once personality type is detected, the app provides a fantastic list of movie recommendations that best fits the user. So far, the feedback from initial testing phase has been stellar.

Online Presence

As any amazing organization, Next Insight needed to have a great online presence to deliver their message to as many customers as possible. We were able to help them out with such task in a super timely manner. Just a couple of days, and 2 beautiful websites were delivered.