Carelytics is a place where dental practice teams come together to recognize achievements, analyze mistakes, manage performance, provide feedback and so much more! Started in 2019, Carelytics is a fast-growing application that focuses on the happiness of employees first, which leads to much higher patient satisfaction. From large medical institutions to small clinics, Carelytics helps teams become better.

Expert opinion

"The cost of turnover in dental practices is extremely high, however, the most substantial impact of it is damage done to remaining employees. Learning how to reduce turnover in dental practice is essential to the business growth.

People don't feel comfortable speaking out loud about issues. Giving employees a completely anonymous way of providing feedback results in a practice where every team member feels valued."

Taras Zubyak, Founder at Carelytics

Happiness Climate

Don't worry, it's just the code name for employee engagement :) Carelytics software automatically asks employees about their experience at the clinic. Having results shown through interactive graphs, dental practice owners will be able to always know how their team feels about everything that's happening at the clinic. Having such knowledge, helps practice administration understand how particular management actions are affecting the situation within clinic, as well as correlate patient feedback with the "climate" within the team.

Procedure Codes

It’s pretty difficult to memorize all the procedure codes from the dental fee guide, isn’t it? One of the great features of Carelytics is the procedure codes dictionary. No need to search for the printed guide - all dental procedure codes are available to all employees at any place at any time.

partnered with dentists

Carelytics has been designed based on deep knowledge of clinical processes. Code Elves partnered with fantastic people with years of experience in dentistry, which was our biggest strength - we knew exactly what dental practices needed!